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To order: wechat: meiyin07 - No refund is allowed once paid. - Pre-order items will arrive about 7-14 business days. -All items price does not included delivery charges. -Item shown may difference in colour due to screen solution and lighting. -All payments shall be make within 3 days. If you failed to do so, we will cancel your order unless you did inform us earlier. -Buyers had to inform me once transaction has been made. Postage rate: West Malaysia: 1pcs RM6 2-4pcs RM9 East Malaysia: 1pcs RM9 2-4pcs Rm12
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本学院的美甲导师来自亚洲,美国国际和香港美甲学院,也拥有政府承认的教学资格证书。美甲坊服务 —— 护理Mani/Pedicure,新娘甲BrideNail,延长甲Extend等,6经验的美甲师为你打造漂亮的美甲~
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