At De Garden, totaling 100,000 sq ft, you can see all surrounding area is plantation, under a soothing atmosphere with refreshing water features, for lower temperature and stylish design. The building top was surrounding by 4 comers square shapes LED display in red color, develop, contribute to Ipoh peoples and leading innovation.  De Garden provided up-trend fashion for the young generation to professionals is in store for shoppers.

The new De Garden Mall site is conveniently placed on Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah Utara and next to the popular Jusco shopping center, allowing for the center to instantly become noticed and accessible to a great number of people.  Due to the location, the building doubles as a new hub for communal activity.  It essentially becomes a community center for the area.  The design has been influenced heavily on the idea of a village and street concept.  Much like the European street shops, the users here will traverse through indoor streets and access the shops on two levels, making the entire building barely 10 meters high.  The shop units are broken up from the routine grid found in typical shopping malls, allowing for this to be outside, this lands to mimic the diverse and intricate style of the village streets.  The users are free from the norm, able to relax and shop in a cozy atmosphere.  The central oval feature acts as a feast point, a place for surprise encounters with friends.  Located in between the escalators, the open space gives the users a chance to slow down and take a breath, in what could potentially be a long day of shopping.

Throughout the design, one of the major focuses has been to emphasize green strategies.  The street walkways are all naturally ventilated, reducing the need for air conditioning and the running cost of this building.  There are strategically placed light wells to allow light into the depths of the spaces too, while the solar shading cantilevers have been layered with grass, to provide more green areas.  All these contributions aid in making the user feel like they are strolling through a pleasant garden.

The floral patterned façade, which forms the second skin of the building acts to both highlight the garden-esquire design concept and also play a part in solar shading.  The space in between the façade and the building is a comfortable breathing space which the users can opt to use.  At the entrance to the building the users will navigate through a “ferest of columns”.  These concrete columns have creeper plants growing on them and help to further drive home the garden theme as they enter the space and have a unique shopping experience.

  • Easy Accessibility
  • Excellent Location
  • Next to Jusco
  • High Traffic
  • Good mix of Family Crowd and Youth